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Movement as Physical Mark Making/Bewegung als Physikalische Markierungen

In collaboration with visual artist Chell Young  I have been conducting choreographic research which focuses on two different but related areas: one is cellular and metabolic physical research supported by the practice of Body Mind Centering and Qi Gong, the other is movement as mark making. I began this research in January 2021 and continue working on it's further applications for my next project, 'Occupying Eden': To support my research I  have been doing online classes with Laurel Atwell (Qi Gong) and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BMC). I am interested in human biology and how awareness of the organ systems through Qi Gong's 5 element theory, cellular and neurological systems as applied in BMC, can effect choreographic methodology and develop trans-species awareness. Mainly when I generate choreographic material, I work from the skeletal and muscular systems influenced by visual and physical impressions. I would

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