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Teaching Anthology

My formal training began with my BA(hons) from LCDS, 2003 - 2006. From 2008 - 2010, this training was expanded in New York at Movement Research with teachers such as K.J. Holmes, Michelle Boule and Barbara Mahler. The experience of being in New York influenced the structure of my technique class combining movement research and improvisation with choreographic material and technical exercises. My study of improvisation and contact improvisation with Kirstie Simpson, Rick Nodine, Jovair Longo and Merav Israel continued to expand my practice. From 2010, I began to train primarily under the instruction of Renate Graziadei & Arthur Stäldi (Laborgras). Through the ''Renaissance Project'', Berlin 2013 - 2015, their particular approach of movement as language with lineage drawing back to Trisha Brown was researched alongside David Hernandez, Keith A. Thompson, and Rebecca Hilton. This experience consolidated my training methodology which is influenced by Qi Gong, Body Mind

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Take Heart Residency Hellerau 2023

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Movement as Physical Mark Making/Bewegung als Physikalische Markierungen