Movement as Physical Mark Making/Bewegung als Physikalische Markierungen

In collaboration with visual artist Chell Young I have been conducting choreographic research which focuses on two different but related areas: one is cellular and metabolic physical research supported by the practice of Body Mind Centering and Qi Gong, the other is movement as mark making. I began this research in January 2021 and continue working on it's further applications for my next project, 'Occupying Eden': To support my research I  have been doing online classes with Laurel Atwell (Qi Gong) and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BMC). I am interested in human biology and how awareness of the organ systems through Qi Gong's 5 element theory, cellular and neurological systems as applied in BMC, can effect choreographic methodology and develop trans-species awareness. Mainly when I generate choreographic material, I work from the skeletal and muscular systems influenced by visual and physical impressions. I would like to use practical research in the above methodologies to access sensation and awareness of the organs and cells to generate movement material. Somatic practices have always influenced my movement practice however, in light of the current climate crises, I feel the need to deepen this practice to develop an embodied approach which functions at a cellular level and expands the notion of interspecies practice and awareness.

Selection of research Notes: 01.01.21 - 31.03.21

The cellular system and therefore the nervous system records

The tone of the universe - vibration of space - existed before the big bang

Consciousness continuum

Condensing and expanding rather than flexing and extending

Weaving spirals

Muscle tone is the resting state of the muscles

Cellular tone/digestive tone relating to different body systems

Postural tone to do with gravity and touch:

Tone is increased on the underside - condensing

Decreased on the overside - expanding

Patterns in the nervous system are potentials

DNA and RNA creating the experience manifested as structure to bring out a pattern

The egg is quiet, the sperm infuses the egg with movement

Condensing/expanding at a cellular level, not the same rhythm as breathing

Embryonic breathing: internal and fluid/the breath of no breath

Breathing without breathing

How is DNA created through experience?

What if there was an environment created/simulated to facilitate a stimulus for a response?

I have been working with visual artist Chell Young to document impressions of this research though  her drawing practice which is featured below: 

Chell Young:

This research is supported by: 


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