Monday, 26 November 2012

Improv practice: getting ready for a performance in London with Jan Hendrickse

I managed to do a little improvisational practice this weekend. My favourite score was trying to walk as far as I could along the beach with my eyes closed to see what happened to my footsteps when I wasn't sure where the ground was. The sound of the sea became more present. So really there was just the ground below and then a wall of sound to my left. This cut out the visual information so it was very refreshing and put me more in touch with sensing my weight. It was also a much more fun way to walk back. Through other explorations I realised I'm not interested in letting the potential energy of my movement drop past a certain level once it begins. I feel like it's possible for the movement to become more contained, though keep the dynamic flowing and evolving. I feel like once it's diminished then that improvisation is over. And I wondered if for 20 minutes it's possible to keep in the air a constantly evolving choreography? Rather than etching one into the eyes of the viewers by repeating movements and pinning them down. It's quite difficult to keep it light but substantial. I think I need a lot more practice and how will it change when it becomes a dialogue with you? Then we're both responsible for it right? But when do we know it's over and what if it never gets off the ground? I enjoyed working with my breath as a way of keeping the movement alive, also giving me rhythm and when I worked more structurally - with my skeleton - the movements became more pendulum like but I feel like the energy was stopping before it reached out of my finger tips and toes. I think this comes back to my exploration of the movement being expandable and rich dynamically through using my weight but at the same time bounded. Trying to find a way with it.