Monday, 20 January 2014

ANIMALS - a new start

It's Berlin, it's the first proper day of winter 2014. I slipped on the ice with my cowboy boots on the way to Tatwerk where I've just taught the first class of the series. ANIMALS pulls together my knowledge from experiencing dance over the past ten years into a one and a half hour slot on a Monday night. It's funny to think, all of that information in my brain somehow finding it's way to others in this chosen format. The class is called ANIMALS because we are in fact animals. Human animals. Sometimes we forget and think that we are in fact something else. I'm not sure what. I'm inviting other dancers, artists, performers and hobbyists to join me in this research as we feed back into our collective knowledge our body intelligence. Sometimes I get fed-up with dance and want to call it movement, sometimes I get fed up with studying movement and want to dance. That's okay. It keeps me sane and interested. I'd like to invite the participants of ANIMALS to post their comments into this blog. Anything that comes up for them to engage in a dialogue about our experience together. As the weeks go on I hope that dialogue will increase, will deepen and grow. Starting with today. An open invitation to join our process. With love, Rosalind