Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hanging Sculpture

Deutsche Akademie Rom - Martin Gropius Bau. Sasha Waltz installation 24/2/10

Men hanging from the ceiling almost naked: their bodies twisting and writhing. Slowly. Breathing. One is holding an accordian. It let's out sound sometimes. I can see the men hanging from across the room. The old building groans under the picture of this living sculpture; 'you have sucked the statues from us and suspended them in the now'.

Labor Gras 20/2/10 - 25/2/10 Arthur and Renate teaching:

Arthur talks about analysing before and after dancing but not during. Otherwise it is impossible to be in the moment.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weight Spiralling Down

Labor Gras Class Thu 30th to Friday 5th February

Weight falling through the pelvis, weight spiralling down through the pelvis into the floor. I surprise myself or at least I try to. Listening all the time. Where does the body want to go?

My main challenge is to let go without all of some tone that will direct me, or at least serve some impulse to see movement through. Maybe the tone only comes from the impulse. Where does the impulse come from? Especially when we are working from a sequence of movement rather than an improvisation.

In improvisation how can we see the clarity of intention? Maybe in executing a phrase or pre-known sequence of movement the sequence is dictated by external factors. Or by remembering internal factors? Re-created factors. It's as if the brain is creating problems for it to solve for itself along the way.