Sunday, 15 April 2018


I am sensing you, leaning on me. I can feel your footsteps on my soft grassy back. My spine arches through different bodies of water and earth and you can sense that. I'm not telling you where to go or how to look. I'm listening to your breath and breathing it back in as a part of my total capacity. I share this capacity exponentially to reciprocate, to breath you and therefore to support you. Let me in. You keep building frameworks to avoid me. I don't understand why. Are you scared of me because I am also a part of something that will continue long after your body has become me? I vicious because I don't lie to you. I speak certain truths that some are so afraid of, they don't ever want to hear. I speak in many languages. And you do to. You just don't let yourself, most of the time. Here is something so red, you can't believe. Here is something so green that it stretches your mind. Here is something that stretched the edges: it looks like arms, but it's not. It looks like a face but it's not. It looks like it's dead but it's not. It feels like it's more than a thousand times more expensive than the most expensive fabric you can buy. But it's not like that. It's just that you don't have another history through which to experience my glory. Which consequently is why there has been such a throw back to Imperialism in fashion. However, even this important awakening without conscious affirmation of it's total failures and current re-direction of - may be further disregarded. You are the generation. You are the peoples now with the biggest hope. Acceptance and multiculturalism thrives in my midst. It is the way of the forest. Even before these trees were planted, my heart has been buried deeper down in a swampier, darker time. Before the polished police force of neoliberalism crystallises and sells this multi-tribal awakening, take the roots and plunge them into suspended time. They can't be touched there. With each pulse, we stay connected and with each breath we exchange. Therefore slowly, we metamorphose. We develop to become a consciousness re-found. This isn't just something that is textual or uni- dimensional. It dissects every category and every profession. This isn't about proof, measure, analysis or observation. This is about realising those processes are doorways to more doorways and that doorways are only doorways, because we once walked through a forest and got lost.

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